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Through our network and global marketing team, we market and supply products from leading manufacturers around the world.
  • We are connected to leading buyers around the globe.
  • We are actively looking for OEM opportunities.
  • We have an experienced sales team already in many countries. ABG professionals are familiar with the area and have good prospects ready to consider new products. We can provide excellent coverage in many niche markets.
  • Most of ABG professionals have more than 15-20 years of successful corporate experience. Many have held positions in large corporations prior to joining the ABG team.
  • ABG professionals are well-versed in selling skills and have multi-industry experience.
  • Because ABG professionals sell several different products, we call on a wider variety of prospects and customers, often finding applications for products which our clients are not aware of.
  • ABG professionals can increase our client’s volume by selling outside the client’s present marketing territory. ABG professionals sell a client’s products without conflicting with the client’s present sales team.
  • We provide new product development opportunities in partnership with buyers.