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We, AB Global Group LLC (“AB”), consistently offer high quality products at a very competitive pricing. We hold product quality and excellent service as our top priority and stand up to the challenging standards required in a rapidly changing marketplace. To offer better management of your business and reduce your costs, we ensure fast delivery to our clients.

We supply a wide variety of products including:                
  • Steel EMT/RMC/IMC
  • Elbows, Couplings and Nipples
  • Conduit Fittings
  • Liquid Tight
  • Hanging and Support
  • Steel Chain
  • Jute Yarn
  • Metal Fabrication
  • Cable Cover
  • Steel Pallet
  • Forged parts
  • Cast parts
  • Molded parts and other parts

If there is a specific part you need, please contact us. We can meet your particular needs for a competitive price. Because we highly value our client, our primary goal is to become a main supplier of our client. To do so, we have made sure to base our success upon two components: high quality products and competitive pricing. Our partner factories implement and maintain a Quality Management System (QMS) that serves as the backbone for our products. Our partner factories are certified to the latest ISO 9001 quality standard and they are committed to being the leaders by providing innovative products and services that continually exceed our customer expectations. Our products are UL/cUL listed to ensure the safety of our customers and the reliability of our products.
Electrical Metallic Tubing
AB’s Electrical Metallic Tubing (EMT) provides superior wire and cable protection in a variety of applications and environments. AB performs tests of its EMT for weld strength, bendability, plating thickness, and all dimensions.
AB’s EMT complies with:

Electrical Rigid Metal Conduit
AB’s rigid metal conduit (RMC) is hot-dip galvanized on both the interior and exterior to defend against corrosion. It provides excellent protection, strength, and safety protection in a variety of applications and environments. RMC is manufactured with high-strength steel, and produced by the electric resistance welding process.
AB’s RMC complies with:
AB also supplies steel and aluminum elbows and nipples, steel couplings, and rigid aluminum conduit and couplings.

EMT Elbow
AB’s steel EMT elbows comply with:

Rigid Elbows, Couplings, and Nipples
AB’s steel rigid elbows, couplings, and nipples comply with: